Welcome back the moviegoers by enabling mobile ticketing

We help movie theaters to discover and acquire new customers, drive up online ticket sales, and retain loyal customers.

How Cinema Assist can help you?

Increase revenue

Save money on the fees you pay to Fandango and increase your revenue by using your customer’s data, their interests, and sales history to promote new movies automatically.

Save time

By providing a better user experience for your customers, you will spend less time on customer support. It also automatically pulls the latest movie trailers and posters of any movie you add to your POS.

Easy integration

It easily integrates with RTS, Omniterm, Vista, and many other points of sales. It can also be added to your existing website with your branding to create a seamless experience.

Get insights

Have full access to your customer’s data and take advantage of this information to target new customers or re-target the old ones on social media. It also gives you detailed sales and conversions reports.

Unparalleled Advantage

After - Showtime page Before - Showtime page After- Select Ticket Before - Select Ticket After - Select Seat Before - Select Seat

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Cinema Assist online ticketing solution is for you if
you currently use RTS web portal or Fandango to offer online ticketing on your website.

Key Features

With no upfront cost or additional investment, you can benefit from all Cinema Assist online ticketing solutions.

Mobile-first approach
Flexible and secure payment options
Reserved seating
Gift card support
User profiles with purchase history
Guest checkout and PDF tickets
Built with operation in mind
Integration with Mailchimp
Personalized drip email automation
Matches with your branding
Connects to your domain
Seamless integrations with RTS
Integrated showtimes, trailers, posters
Full access to your customer’s data
Detailed sales and conversion reports
Full control over service fees


Cinema Assist seamlessly integrates into your current website with no cost or additional technical support. We support RTS, Omniterm, Vista, and many other points of sale systems.

“Switching to Cinema Assist has saved us a lot of time and money. Our custom-designed website gets updated automatically every time we schedule a new movie, and our new ticketing system significantly increased our online sales while providing a better user experience for our customers.”
Jason Baker
Head of Operation - Pruneyard Cinemas

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